Online Degree in Art and Design

Art defines us as human beings, shows upfront who we are, and gives us a definition for our place in the world. Art is around us everywhere, no matter where we go or what we do, art surrounds us. If you believe you are creative and your imagination goes in depth farther than you can handle, studying art & design may be the best choice for you. Think about the TV show Project Runway. Fashion designers turn what you might think to be out of the ordinary, strange looking, or distasteful, and turn it into something gorgeous, lively, and eye-catching. When you see a top model wearing their clothing, you think to yourself, “Wow, I want to be him/her!”. These fashion designers aspire their artwork to be displayed on huge billboards in New York City, in magazines, or even your local mall. They take what they are passionate about and turn it into reality. A fragment of their imagination suddenly becomes the next Autumn trend, something you would run to the mall and purchase.

But to make a career out of any type of art and design, you must go to art school. We go to school not just to get a degree and start working immediately, but because we are passionate and care deeply about our field. With art and design, there are endless possibilities and too many things to learn, and the best place to learn is to go to a great art school that is right for you. Sure, you can learn on your own by reading books, or doodling on a pad with a pencil, but you will never learn as much as your potential allows without a great school. Attending a school for what you want to become will actually help get you to that apex point. Someone who does art for a hobby will always be “doing art”. But a professional is motivated, someone who goes beyond just drawing and imagining and actually creating.

If you see yourself frequently looking at different types of artwork, visiting museums often or gazing at artwork and imagining a whole new meaning to the piece than what the artist/designer had originally intended, going to art school is a must for you. Not only will you be learning new things about what you love, you’ll be making it a permanent aspect of your future that will help you achieve your dreamed of goals and living the life that you want. But where exactly do you start looking? With all the art and design schools that are available to us now, it may be overwhelming to see all the choices this field has to offer.

Deciding to Start a New Career in Art and Design

Do you have a streak of creativity in you? Do you think you can create and innovate? If your answer is yes then a career in Art and Design is the ultimate option for you. A career in art and design is a very exciting selection. This is an immensely expansive field and highly competitive as well. Art and Design include a host of things, which ranges from art, sculptures, painting to product design, art direction, graphic design and fashion design. This field influences our lifestyles to a great extent because art is virtually everywhere now.

This field is a highly creative and demanding. You get to earn while you can have fun and work at the same time. Most of the people of this industry love their work and have been dedicated to it throughout. They have either taken it up as a hobby or as a passion until they made a career out of it by getting paid for having fun. Today there are various sub industries under the Art and Design industry and related careers too. The varied range of careers under Art and Design starting from restoring architectural works to designing vacuums cleaners, or from working in museums to the manufacturing industry is attractive enough to choose from and opt for.

Today to make a successful career in Art and Design, you have to be totally dedicated, because many of the great talents of art and design have struggled to reach to the top. The initial years are always a bit tough, as most creative people have to have perseverance and dedication for their work to sail through the initial years and shine. Art and Design is no doubt competitive, but once you are skilled enough and get to know the inside story, it is easier to put yourself at advantage. Knowledge, skills and experience matters. Each skill is specific for each industry and cannot be interchanged after a certain level. For instance art direction is limited to the art directors and the graphic designers do not venture into this field.

Many artists and designers start their career as a volunteer or as a part-time job. Like any of the creative art careers, having a good network and good reference can always help, but, with dedication and contacts, an aspiring artist can achieve success in this field. Doing small tasks for the well known and established talents in the field might give a push to your career. It can help you gain expertise and some exposure of the work and the industry as you work along with the stalwarts. Work experience also counts and as such you should concentrate more on working in the concerned field, be it for a few days or months.

Other factors which affect in making a successful career in Art and Design are factors like technology, changing tastes and economy. Technology keeps changing and to keep up to these changing trends, art has to adapt to the changing scenario. The twenty-first century brought a big revolution in the area of animation, computer games and digital imagery. Applications like Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress and Adobe Photoshop were introduced

You must have heard enough stories about struggling legends that have made a mark in the field of Art and Design. But, it is not always struggling all the way. If you are talented enough then with proper training you will surely shine in this cut-throat competitive industry. Smart use of opportunities and choosing the right career option from the different career choices in art and design, according to your interest is the key to attain success in this wide industry.

How to Get Into an Art and Design School

Art and design, offering huge range of lucrative professions is attracting a hefty number of students to build their career. There are many who are gifted with creative skills and want to make a career in art and design. Pursuing education in an art and design field combined with the suitable skills and aptitude can make a living out of doing what you love to do. For this, selection of right school and course is highly important, but the question is how to get into art and design school. If you are searching for an answer then here are few important steps that may help you get into the best art and design school of the United States-

1. There are huge number art schools in the United States, so decide which one you want to join. Research on schools to know about the majors they offer. Knowing about the curriculum along with courses offered by the schools will help you to compare the best school.

2. Create a portfolio of your artwork, because many reputed art schools of the United States ask for such portfolios in order to judge your skills or potential. So, always show your original work, as artwork made from photographs or illustrations is never entertained by any schools.

3. Making impressive portfolio doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Selecting 15 to 25 pieces of organized and presentable work is enough for judges to determine your potential. Always try to display your original work that are neat and can show your actual talent.

4. You may not be called to show your portfolio in person. In this case you have to prepare 35mm slides, digital images or prints of your work.

5. Your academic components might play major role in getting reputed school. Your test scores and grades are often considered to decide merit-based scholarships.

Apart from all this, the next significant aspect that you need to think while getting into an art and design school is your letters of recommendation. You must note that your letters of recommendation actually play a very important job in conveying information regarding you. It can further help you tell more about yourself that at times gets impossible to be explained in the application.

Many people dream to make their career in art and design, but very few can take up the way they want and proceed to a more sophisticated level. There are number of personalities who have achieved fame and millionaire or billionaire status. Following above said tips can guide you the way to get your desired goal like others did.