After the Art and Design Degrees – Preparing Your Portfolio For Work

Is it not a fact that we have to work hard all the time and seldom do we get time to relax. It is true right from day when we go to school. When you are done with your high school education, the next issue will be to decide on your career. Once you have decided on your career, you will be running around in search of best colleges. After getting a Diploma from any reputed institution, the next and most important one will be to use this Diploma for hunting Jobs.

For the people outside the sector of Arts and Design, the term refers to paintings and other works of art. But those on the inside know it’s a much more diverse field than this, with a myriad of roles, sectors and sub sectors. In reality, very few graduates go into Fine Arts – less than one per cent of art and design graduates according to the latest stats available from UCAS – of which ‘painting’ is only one branch.

The best way to make successful applications for roles in art and design is by showing how your skills, knowledge and experience match the qualities that the potential employer is looking for. Read the job description carefully and give examples of how your skills and experience mean that you would be able to fulfill each responsibility well.

There are many institutions in US guaranteeing valuable Diplomas and good jobs thereafter. It does not mean that a career in Art and Design is free of challenges. There is always a choice for you between working under an organization and working free lance. As per many experts in this field like Steven Carniol, free lance jobs in arts and design have many advantages. If you establish yourself as a free lancer, then you can mint money!

There are many Art and Design Colleges which update the students about the market trends and this should always be kept in mind while striving to get a good career. If you have a teaching flavor, you can be a teacher in this profession and can have good salary also.

If you are specific on getting blue collar jobs in big MNCs, there are many options available in Design Industry. For this you need to consult an Art and Design expert who has considerable knowledge about the trends in the industry. There are many websites which solely focus on the advertisement of design related jobs. If you go systematic in job hunting, you will never fail. Design jobs are needed in industries which focus on Computer Graphics, Imaging Technology, and Film Development consisting of Cartoons, Visual Arts and Digital Media. So, Entertainment Industry which has sustained the wounds of recession can be of great help to you.

Another important thing while preparing the portfolio of your work is that, you should be able to market the reputation of your Alma meter. This would definitely work in your favor. This is how; you will understand the criticality involved in selecting the best Art and Design School.

Other areas guaranteeing good careers in Art and Design are Advertising Agencies, Museums and Art Galleries where you can work as Curator or Exhibition Organizer etc. You would also be required in many firms as a Product Designer.

Although not many, there are options for you, if you want to pursue a career in Art and Design. It must be noted that Salaries vary greatly in the world of Art and Design. Many people start out doing work for free in order to get a foot in the door or gain experience. Rates of pay will vary depending on what work you do and whether you are self-employed (freelancer) or not.

Arts and Design Career Training Options

Training for an exciting career in the field of arts and design can be done by enrolling in an accredited education training program. Students who are looking to start a career in this field can do so by gaining the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their desired career through various schools and colleges. Degrees are available at various levels and students can earn certificates in specific areas as well. Students can choose to learn to work in fashion design, interior design, Feng Shui, and much more based on their individual career goals.


By obtaining a certificate or degree in this field students can learn various design techniques based on their desired career. Professionals are trained to work in a variety of industries designing clothing, creating sketches, arranging living spaces, selecting paint and furniture, and much more. Training allows students to pursue careers in video game design, photography, animation, commercial art, architecture, marketing, and much more. With an accredited degree or certificate students can start training for a career in arts and design.

*Degrees and Certificates

Students can earn an associates degree in as little as two years. With an accredited associates degree students can enter into a bachelor’s degree program. Bachelor’s degrees take four years to obtain in this field and can prepare students for a master’s degree program. Accredited master’s degree training programs allow students to gain the most amount of knowledge in their desired area. Students can gain certificate to enhance their skills and knowledge after earning a degree or receive certificates in specialized careers in other industries.


Specific areas of study will vary by program and each individual student’s desired career. Studies may cover specific courses in computer aided design, sewing, drawing, ergonomics, furniture design, and many other related subjects. Students can learn the skills needed to enter into a variety of careers in the field. By enrolling in an accredited educational training program students will have the opportunity to start the career of their dreams.


By gaining an accredited education in arts and design students can find employment in a variety of career fields. Students who hold a degree or certificate can pursue careers as fashion designers, interior designers, graphic design artists, architects, and much more depending on their desired profession. Training opportunities will allow students to have the education and training they need to succeed in a variety of positions.

Students looking to pursue a career in this area can do so by enrolling in an accredited educational program. Accredited schools and colleges provide students with the quality education they need. Agencies like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( are approved to fully accredit various programs. Students can research programs and contact the ones that interest them most for more information on accredited certificate and degree programs in arts and design. Start an exciting path to a new career by enrolling in one of the many available programs today.

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Art and Design School Admissions Checklist

The field of art and design is very vast and offers plenty of opportunities for any student in the form of graphic designing, fine art, animation and many more. Once you have decided to move into this field you need a proper art and design school that can sharpen your skills in a better way. Often, when you select a school you either select it based on its name or just because many of your friends have enrolled in that school. There are many aspects, which must be considered before taking an admission in an art & design school. While choosing a school making a rash decision can make things worse. So, give some time to judge a chosen school before admission. Below is the checklist which can help to get into the best art and design school:

Is the school accredited?

This is a very important question, and you must have a proper answer. Before you enroll your name into any art and design school, make sure you check its accreditation. This is because, an accredited school can only offer a necessary study environment, which is important for any art & design program. Besides this, an accredited school generally follows a set standard required for an art & design program, which is also approved by government organizations.

Does the school have good placement rate?

This is another important element that you must examine. Art and design school with better rate of placement proves that their education standard is better and employers also appreciate the student’s efficiency. Hence, you must be assured that school you have chosen have the high placement rate. Therefore, it is again an important parameter to consider and examine while choosing a school.

What are the strengths of the program?

The curriculum offered in the chosen program should be well designed enough to empower you with all the proficiencies required to lead a professional work. In fact, it is important for you to comprehend that a well designed curriculum plays a vital role in making you capable enough to meet the challenges of the outside world.

Does the school have the proper equipment or lab to train students?

Being an art student you cannot ignore the importance of equipment that may help you improve your skills. You must note that having the necessary equipment related to any particular art is an essential part of learning and increasing your proficiency. Consequently, you must ensure that the schools you choose have the appropriate equipment or separate practical lab that in turn may help you gain proper knowledge along with better realistic exposure.

Does the school have experienced faculty members?

A school with renowned artists as a faculty member can be a major plus point. It may help you know many new and different aspects of art and design. Getting a proper training from an artist or an experienced faculty who has made significant contributions to the art and design industry is obviously going to be a unique experience. Ultimately, always ensure about the experience of faculty members before you take an admission into any art and design school.

Above mentioned points are few simple yet most important points or questions that you must ask and have an answer of each of them before you take an admission. Apart from this, do not forget to spend some time talking to those students who are already passed from the preferred art school you are going to take an admission. Perhaps, they share their valuable ideas about what they did they looked for before taking an admission. Never be shy of asking questions, you must be clear in your questions and selection of school. Make your mind clear regarding the art and design school you are planning to join before you make a career.